"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Come Back To Me

The water is calm around us.
Two small frames lit by the sun sinking sleepily in the sky,
spilling streaks of gold across her blue pillow.

Only our ripples move in and out between us
as I twirl in slow circles in my inner-tube next to you
drawing my mosquito pocked legs to the surface,

letting the cool water ease the dull burn of my tiny badges-
reminders of our Minnesota summer adventures.
You, face the fading sun.

I lay with one ear pressed to the inner-tube,
listening to the water muddle and distort your voice
as you declare that

Someday, you are going to follow that sun, that water - straight across the world.

I look over to you, fading black into just a silhouette
and I believe you.  All sharp and thin angles before me,
your shoulder blades set back, two pointed exclaimation points of your resolve.

I have no real desire to leave this lake.
To leave the cove of family and home.
But I could see, even then, that these desires would always be within you.

You turn back to me, eyes gleaming, reflecting the dancing water
as you take my hand and pull gently, my small body cutting the clear surface.

"Come on Sissy.  Let's just explore a little further."

"You go." I said, starting to feel a long way off from the old dock and rocky shore.

"But come back to me and tell me all you've seen."

Twenty five years have found us since then.
Our shadows growing longer and then,
not at all on that bank anymore.

You've followed that sun, that water.
Just now returning home from resting your head on the other side of the globe,
just as you promised me you would.

Your voice now muffled by my ear
pressed against my babies heads.
Your words and music rocking them to sleep.

I hear the dull click of your suitcase once more by the door
and feel the familiar tug of your hand in mine,
I am reminded once again that you are not a soul to keep.

Your boots always carry fresh dust of that open road.

Your collar smells of the wind, wild and free.

Your worn leather jacket - stale beer, faint tobacco, but always fresh dreams.

Your eyes still gleam of new adventures,
willing to take me as far as the world is wide whispered still within
"Come on Sissy."

My lap holds my answer now, for my arms are the shore and home for two sweet souls.

So I whisper once more to your thin silhouette
growing darker against the waning sky.

"You go.  But come back to me, and tell me all you've seen."

Happy birthday to my first love, my first friend.
My blood and bone brother.
I carry you inside me.  Deep and Strong.

Bring that old world back to me, Ree Ree, and sing me your sweet, sweet song.