"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And She'll Go Sailing No More

We dipped our feet at the edge of the shore,
the sun getting tangled in the curls sliding down your back.

Your profile illuminated by the morning light
leaves me breathless for the woman you will become.

But for now,

I sit frozen by your side drinking in the sounds of your mind
taking in the raw beauty around you and watching you spin your own magical delight.

Every dragonfly that lands beside you brings an urgent message from the fairy queen.
You, the queen of the mermaid kingdom, protector of the diamonds that glitter on the lake top,
send return news to the queen that all shall be well.

"Do you see those ships Mama?"
You point to the silky clouds floating past on the watery blue sky.
"Isn't it terribly sad that they are missing all this life down here below?"

It is my darling one. Terribly sad.

I have been on those ships you see my daughter.
I know how hard it is to stop.
To get off. To not get pulled down stream.

I have retreated to a mountain top like the prophets of old
to remember my voice, to listen to the new timbers that make up your own
to hear clearly the rhythm of our hearts and revel in the mystery that they beat together.

For I wish never to sail past you.
To never forget there is magic everywhere.
To grab a place inside your kingdom - always to return with a message to whisper in your ear.

We ease our bodies into the cool water
submerging ourselves so that only our eyes and noses remain visible on top of the surface.

But I can tell that you are smiling
for the water droplets catch in the crinkles, that mirror mine, around our eyes.

Our warbling reflections bend and stretch
pulled away and back again by the breeze until they bleed into one.

I hope that this is how your heart will always find me...

Our reflections intertwined
as my eyes take in the wonder of you unfolding before us

beneath the sky full of ships passing by.

joining with :  Jennifer


  1. (sigh) stilling, friend. absolutely beautiful.

    i have missed you here, but i know you've been living it full in other spheres. so glad to walk with arms linked in this life down here below. blessings on your journey.

  2. Now every time I read your posts, I hear your voice in my head. This is stunning, Tara. I love the imagery of your sweet girl and you by the lake shore.

  3. a beautiful majestic tale as always. lovely to hear your voice again. i'm reveling in the way you capture sacred moments of motherhood. always.

  4. you spin beauty, tara. and it drips like honey from the comb.
    thank you for pulling back the curtain and letting us into these private moments...for they teach me so very much...

  5. so beautiful, Tara - the kind of magic you show me, the kind of magic with daughter's:)When you see the world like that - it is so much easier to see God everywhere:)

  6. it seems to me daughter and mother share similar souls :) beautiful Tara. xx.

  7. Gorgeous! You captured the feelings I have when I look at my daughter and see a sliver of what she'll be as a woman but for now, still firmly entrenched in the magic of girlhood.

  8. This is just lovely. The line about the dragonflies, magical. I love this scene that you're retelling in such a beautiful way. Sigh.

  9. Such beautiful imagery. I love it. Ahhhhhh.... I may have to read that just one more time.

  10. Such a beautiful moment and way of telling it. So glad to have read it!

  11. You really have such a beautiful way...

  12. This is something I have to read again and again - to drink it in. Your writing is inspired and inspiring...