"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Friday, August 31, 2012

Now You Are Six {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday
This Weeks Word: Change

Change hangs heavy on the Summer branches, turning the leaves up at the edges.

It ushered me into a new classroom, into a new phase, into the smile of my son.

It sat with me on the blue mats, hanging between the sawdust filled bags of his new love,
tae kwon do.

and rang inside his laughter over dinner, discussing something with his daddy that wasn't for my ears.

Gone now are the charted milestones mapping a month at a time -

Now are the milestones that make my breath catch for their seeming suddenness. The new boy emerging from his bed each day.

A little longer in limbs, and an inch further away from his immediate need for me. 

Last night, as my eyes closed, I let change wrap tight around me while I dreamed

smelling for the moment like stale gym in my hair, and pencil shavings.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Raising Humans: Growing Into My Mother Skin

There are so many ways that my children have grown me.

My son, constantly pushing me to deeper understanding by the complex questions he asks. Never is surface enough for him- he thrives in the details, the "whys", the "hows". When he laughs, I know that stars do too. Bits of the heavens break open when he smiles.

And my daughter, has grown me in her connection to the present.

To the hot passionate moment of now.

Listening to her heart beat is listening to the pulsing undercurrent of this world. That warm flow moving humanity forward until the plates of this old earth groan under the shifting weight of progress.

Long gone are the days when perfectionism ruled me. The "then" me had time to care about appearance, impressions, the surface of things. Now, I'm happy to have arrived anywhere remotely on-time, I only consider changing if I can't scratch off the dried food stain on my shirt with my chipped nails, the 4-year-old administered glitter manicure needing to be redone. I will welcome you into my home gladly - if you have a good high step to avoid toy piles and pick and roll to make it past cascading laundry baskets.

And motherhood has grown me in other ways too... ways that make me uncomfortable for just how much I've "grown", ahem. But I am learning there is beauty and truth here in my mother-body:

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