"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Midnight In Paris

The moon crept slowly along the bed
 the marriage of elements and time until it rested comfortably at my chest.

I laid straight on my back
my brown hair spilling over the crisp white pillow
eyes unable to close

listening to the city
right outside the open window

had a bird happened by that open skylight,
he would have caught a glimpse of my
solitaire smile spark the sliver of moonlight in the dark.

"Paris..." I whispered out loud. My soul no longer able to keep quiet.

my feet aching for the ground covered that day...

my mind catching on the memory of a little girl following her older brother
through the winding hallways, housing the sick
finding and pocketing cinnamon hard candies from the hospital waiting room dishes.

Roaming paused at the chapel door;
the sad solitaire statue of Mary, weeping for those inside, on their knees, beseeching her son.
frozen in holy fear until the clatter of cafeteria dishes broke our gaze.

20 years later, and I'm still following that same boy turned man.
This time down winding cobblestone streets,
the air full of fresh dishes seeped in basil, chestnuts rolling under our feet.

Breaking bread and drinking wine
across from the gaze of the saints,
no longer solitaire, flanking the doors of Notre Dame.

over cups of espresso
looking out at the city
our shoulders touching as they have for 29 years

We store this day and its uncharted terrain among the familiar
and shake our heads
 at the places life has brought us together.

The moonlight continues its dance with time and now finds my eyes
I turn onto my side, careful to not remove the arm of the man
whom for eight years has claimed the valley of bare waist between hip and rib as his resting ground.

In our beginning,
absent-mindedly running his hands along the shallow bowl
made by high hips and scooped belly as we talked about our days

And then,
over the hills of sleeping babies nestled just below the surface
as we dreamed of their future and of names

To now,
sleeping in foreign lands; thanks to his 'yes' to my crazy whim.
These hands will hold me still for all of the hills and valleys the years will bring.

To have come to Paris with my past and present....

To have looked at its beauty in the face....

To have slept in the city while it was still making....

was as much as my heart could take.

There was so much to take in during my trip to Paris and my heart is still so full from the time.
my experiences may come out in whispers, piece by piece, 
slowly, just as the moon gives way to the morning.

{sharing with AmberJenHeather; Emily}


  1. Oh wow, gorgeous, completely gorgeous. I need to read it again.

  2. I have been excitedly awaiting this piece... knowing it would be a delight to see Paris through your deep-seeing eyes. But this, Tara? It is perfectly ethereal.

  3. I've been to Paris with two of my favorite writers and Anne.

  4. Tara, Angela was right - ethereal is a good word - for your words. It was soothing, and deep, and very midnight-ish. Awesome Tara, really. God bless!

  5. So glad for you to have this gift of a trip to savor long after the plane lifted you back home. Your words capture the beauty of moments in a veil of serenity. Love the way you see my friend.

  6. Paris: ahhhh. I've never been. Your photo of the Eiffel Tower reminds me of this:

    only your photo is lovelier, of course). I'm going to make one w/ the girls when we get to "E Week," which is a long way off, I think; we're not going in ABC order. You should make one, too, and take a photo, for me. xoxo

  7. Deep sigh. Yes, Paris is like that. And so is love. Thanks for this.

  8. Oh, Paris. Some day. What a beautiful depiction of your past and present here. It's just romantic, thus fitting.

  9. So very beautiful. Lived a year there, in Paris. I long to go back. Until I do, your words take me there. This is lovely. Love you voice and heart here. As I always do.

  10. Oh, Tara. What a writer you are. I've been an admirer of yours for quite a long time. Keep shining that brilliance of yours, friend.

  11. Tara...I had no idea. The thought of Paris sounds magical, as your writing shows. I look forward to more of the pieces dripping out like honey.

    beautiful. God is so faithful.

  12. I have enjoyed Paris, too, with my husband and girls.


  13. Oh, Paris, what a wonderful city. Your impressions were so peaceful, too, so poised and thoughtful. I'm glad you had a trip like this!

  14. Paris is a place I always love to return to...thanks for bringing me back. Reading this felt as if I was seeing it through a dream. So lovely.

  15. ack! This is beautiful. Makes me want to go even more than ever, now!

  16. I would say that this writing is much much better than the actual movie Midnight in Paris.

  17. Someday! Beautiful words to share your experience. I could smell the basil and feel the chestnuts rolling under my feet.

  18. Lovely, so lovely. Paris moves me so, even after many cities, many countries, and many many years. Even on dark days in November when I was soggy and with cold feet, I could still feel the wonder of that place. Thanks for brining just a little taste to mind again!

  19. Thank you for taking me on a trip to Paris through eyes that were not my own. A new perspective on an old city!

  20. this was lovely -- it fluttered like champagne bubbles, so light, so complex and so beautiful.

  21. absolutely beautiful. i felt as those i was walking those cobblestone streets with you.

  22. I am not sure what I can say that so many haven't already... Your writing, as always, is breathtaking.

  23. Ah, Tara, utterly breathless. His hand in that .."valley of bare waist between hip and rib...along the shallow bowl made by high hips and scooped belly.. over the hills of sleeping babies nestled just beneath the surface.." This puts words to something I know I have felt, how time changes things and yet they remain the same. The fluidity of the moon across your bed--love this. I have a "moon poem" growing in my head...I hope to do half as well as you did here. Oh so jealous of Paris, my friend. And so happy for you--that last picture is breathtaking. Love you. xo

  24. Tara, this is so beautiful and inspiring. I visited Barcelona almost a year ago and still have not processed it all, have not posted a single photo on my blog, even though I took hundreds. And already I leave for my next adventure in six days--Rome! Wonder how long it will take me to process that one...

    Thanks for visiting my blog today :).

  25. Oh, how I love this place. Your words do it justice. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Your words are as delicious as my morning cappuccino, Tara. I'm sipping them down and so glad that they are drip, drip, dripping from your fingertips. Please share more in the days to come! I can't wait to drink it all in!

  27. Thank you for taking me back there, friend. Simply captivating...

  28. I ADORE Paris. Drink it in. Take the Metro. Walk. Eat. Drink. Cross every bridge. I long to return. Thanks for this.

  29. Very heartfelt combination of past and present (and Paris) here. k.

  30. Wow.... Wow. I need to read this again. Simply beautiful and evocative and tender. And then I need to go to Paris!

  31. You made me feel like I was back there again, experiencing it one more time. What a beautiful painting you stroked with your words....just beautiful.

  32. "...just as moon gives way to the morning..."

    Oh Tara, this left me breathless. Thanks for bringing us in on the quiet moments of your trip, on your thumping Paris-loving heart. Loved this.

  33. Oh! Such lovely words. Such beautiful pictures. The unique rooflines - only in Paris.

    "My feet aching from the ground covered that day." Yes, one must walk Paris to truly enjoy it!

    Paris was my home for a year back in 1984-1985. It remains a part of me. I love that city.


  34. thanks for this deep peaceful beauty:)
    glad sigh,

  35. I need to go. After reading this. I really need to go.
    What lovely words and soul you bring to this city. Heart-achingly beautiful.

  36. mmm, I haven't been by in a while. so busy here in my life. but this, my friend, is a treat. A gift in a day filled with errands and to-do's and a headache. Bless you.

  37. I've been away and am playing catch up with your words Tara. Wow. This is beautiful. Your talent is inspiring.