"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Friday, August 31, 2012

Now You Are Six {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday
This Weeks Word: Change

Change hangs heavy on the Summer branches, turning the leaves up at the edges.

It ushered me into a new classroom, into a new phase, into the smile of my son.

It sat with me on the blue mats, hanging between the sawdust filled bags of his new love,
tae kwon do.

and rang inside his laughter over dinner, discussing something with his daddy that wasn't for my ears.

Gone now are the charted milestones mapping a month at a time -

Now are the milestones that make my breath catch for their seeming suddenness. The new boy emerging from his bed each day.

A little longer in limbs, and an inch further away from his immediate need for me. 

Last night, as my eyes closed, I let change wrap tight around me while I dreamed

smelling for the moment like stale gym in my hair, and pencil shavings.


  1. {First time visitor from FMF} Oh my heart knows of this kind of change that your heart is crying out about. The change of new stages you were willing not to come. The changes ahead though will hold just as much cherished moments as you watch him grow into the young man he is becoming. Blessings to you in this time.

  2. Kids grow up and don't have the same needs. It is sad and yet good as they are growing and becoming independent. But sad for mom.

  3. Tara, I smell the gym, the pencils, and a beautiful momma's heart. Catching up with these beautiful words of yours here is a gift. Loved seeing you at FMF.

  4. My son is in ninjitsu and I love it. Pencil shavings.... love the smell of those. (shameless school supplies addict here)

  5. One of my greatest joys is watching my children grow but it is also one of my greatest sadnesses.

  6. " inch further away from his immediate need for me."

    --- Oh yes, (sigh) I know that change.

  7. Beautifully put, Tara. I wrote about kids growing up today, too - but my grandkids, in this case. It goes so very quickly.

  8. Gorgeous. Your kids will love all your writings to them.

  9. Oh my...this is so beautifully. That line "an inch further away from his immediate need for me" is probably the cry of every mother's heart. I could feel the emotion in your words and I know that awkward balance between letting them spread their wings and wanting to hold them closer and tighter just a little bit longer. I love this.

  10. These years are so sweet. Write it all down, every pencil shaving and stale gym moment.

  11. So here is my confession: I love the smell of pencils! Love! And I know just what you mean. . how once upon a time we chronicled every food eaten and step taken and now we measure with the years instead of the days. It is the best kind of heart torture being a mom, isn't it? They grow and you love the age and stage they are now, but you look back and think. . where has time gone? Love you Tara! Your son looks like a cutie pie in that big desk!