"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Tossing My Pebble Into The Sea Of Dreams

My heart is beating loud against my chest. 
In a matter of key strokes, and with a click of the "send",
off my dreams go...from my heart to black and white.

Just a few short weeks ago, I finally said it -
   "I want to be a writer"

Silly really, when that's all I've ever been.
But now, now I feel it spreading, proclaiming itself loudly
in all my God-sized dream places.

It still seems brazen to me...
this girl who has for 28 years
wrapped tight her soul against this type of potential failure.

And in these clarifying moments
the world seems to tilt
and steady itself all the same.

This space between thought and action
makes me weary,
unsure where to begin....

But no one learns to swim with only their toes in the water...

So today,
you witness
my loud splashing in.

This week's word: Loud


  1. YESSS!!!! Cheering you on!!!! Have I mentioned lately how incredible I think your writing is? Be brave and bold and run after it!!!

  2. Oh, beautiful! So thrilled to have witnessed the loud proclamation! Blessings to you as you lean even more into the beautiful writer He has made!

  3. I understand this deeply... as even this week I penned speaking of my own hopes... "these dreams I hold an arms length from my heart for fear of them"... those words and the rest of them have not made it into any post of mine... but I understand your words here... and as for the beautiful writer you are... there is no doubt His plans are great :)

    Blessings to you, and a big thank you for always blessing me with your encouraging words... :)

  4. Good for you for stepping out and following your dreams. I wish you all the best. If this is an example of your writing, from just a short notice and 5 minutes, I'll say you will do well!!! God bless!

  5. Keep wading out, I really enjoy your blog...

  6. Oh I love it. Keep going. I too found that God wanted me to come out of solitude and fear of relationships to really learn how to be His pen. What a journey. Come on in, that water's warm!

  7. Congratulations! I'm sure I won't be the only one splashed by your jump into the writing waters. Enjoy your journey. I'm looking forward to reading more from you :-)

  8. Tara, my friend, keep stepping out and boldly sharing your beautiful words. They ring loud and true, and you have such a tender and compassionate way of writing. Keep pursuing the dream! :)

  9. Splashing with you, friend. I can't wait to see where your God sized dreams take you, and those of us blessed enough to read your words.

  10. What a joy to hear you splash! Go girl, this is amazing, I am honoured to have read your beautiful words. You are a writer. You are a writer, take hold of this and run

  11. splash away! i can almost feel the wetness of the spray :-)
    love your dream. love your courage in pursuing it. you go, girl!
    supporting and encouraging you throughout the journey, and anticipating how God is going to bring your dreams to fruition.
    have a beautiful weekend!

  12. You ARE a writer and I will throw my pebble in and splash wildly with you. Your words are beautiful and I am glad you embraced this gift He gave you in this brave way. Smiling over here on the shore and wish I could hug you.

  13. So proud of you, Tara! Dancing with joy in the water for you, splashing loud and proud! Yes, you dive right in. He's prepared you well. You could be a deep sea diver with all He's given you within to share words with the world! Hugs to you!

  14. Gaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! May we all get wet from your loud splashing in! YES!

  15. ...and now to allow your gift to be shared breathtaking and yet so freeing...and more than you expect often...a freedom that leads to even more joy...

  16. And the splash has ripples beyond your wildest dreams! You've got a Savior who walks on water and invites you to follow :) I "get" your fears and applaud your courage. His plans for you and this gift of words that you carry with grace are something you don't want to miss. So glad we've "met" here in the past few weeks. Blessings, dear WRITER.

  17. Splash away my do it well!

  18. That's so wonderful. I too have a dream of being a writer, more than I am now.

  19. Brave in so many ways, not only sending off your dreams "from my heart to black and white" {such a wonderful line} but also to share it with all of us.
    So proud of you!

  20. I sooo get this. I just came to that place myself.
    You are a writer...a beautiful one.