"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Monday, February 27, 2012

When Love Sparkles

"boys sweat and girls sparkle"
declares Ava, not yet 4 years wise.

This, her new proclamation stage.
Finding her identity in all things feminine, reveling in the exclusivity of her "kind".

I sit a floor below their chatter, warming my hands around my coffee mug,
a smile creeping wide when Ava's other catch phrase
"girls rule and boys drool."

and pealing laughter float down the stairs
 as her daddy, feigned indignant,
scoops her up in his arms so she will stink just like him.

I whisper to myself in the rising sun,

"cover her good husband. Let your smell linger, seeping into her deep.
Let this daughter of ours know how it is to smell completely of her father's love."


It's later now, my own father coming to pick Owen up
for his first college hockey game experience.
After drying wet mittens, finding hats, and wiping basketball mud prints from his coat,
I kiss his cheek as he happily dashes out the door.
 Both sets of leaving boy eyes twinkling with excitement.

The boys out of the way, my mama and I turn to Ava
asking how she would like to spend the time just us girls?

"Makeovers!" She cries

14 different kinds of lip gloss,
4 hair brushes,
5 varieties of nail polish,
and a necklace and ring of your choosing later

Finds two grown woman
packed tight on the tiny bathroom floor
"criss-cross-apple-sauce" to get us all in
but happy to be under the capable
hair stylings of 3 foot moxie.

We order in,
and over the smell of steam dumplings and rice
we ponder what to do next with these precious moments.

Finally decided

We sit,
three generations of women to one coloring sheet,
each contributing something of themselves.

We talk,
our stories and our voices
filling in these shapes as much as the crayons we hold in hand.

It is in the whisper of these moments that will fill in the framework of her womanhood.

Moments of life that smell of waxen paper, faintly of soy sauce, and a lot like love.

For this life, this womanhood... it sparkles.


  1. "cover her good husband. Let your smell linger, seeping into her deep.
    Let this daughter of ours know how it is to smell completely of her father's love." I love this line! And also, three generations hanging out together. What a gift. We have always lived away from family and this makes my heart yearn for those moments. You are blessed my friend. So precious.


  2. This is just beautiful...I want to sit along side my daughter and granddaughter...with an easy love and support as we all continue to grow into woman of God...each one at her own stage...just locked together in love...thanks for this...blessings~

  3. Thanks for giving us this precious snapshot into a day in the life of your family. I felt like I was right there with you watching every part unfold! Great post, Tara!

  4. How wonderful and precious!
    I have been in a home will all males. I need to come to your house:)
    Thank you for letting us look in.

  5. Love this! Love girls and my girl time with my girls. Blessings to you and yours.

  6. okay, so i twitched a little seeing all that pink - mostly because i'm still not sure i'm cut out for this girl-raising bit.

    but your awe at Daddy love? i'm totally there, and it's worth the time i'll have to spend playing at makeover. :)

  7. so precious to read about Ava delighting in her father's love and girl time with you and your mom...thanks for sharing, Tara :)

  8. Love this post...thanks for sharing!

  9. Love does have a certain smell, seeping in deeply. And that picture must be framed? This is so, so beautiful Tara.

  10. ah, this post makes me happy to be a girl. So sweet! May God bless your sweet Princess. :)

  11. I love this... I love the poetry in it... and the leaving of a legacy. It is a beautiful example of living in the present, enjoying the moments, and leaving the imprints of our love on our children... Blessings to you and thanks for sharing.. so precious :)

  12. Oh, I'm going to claim Ava's phrase and repeat it often when my dear 13 year old son saunters in after ball practice. As a mom of 3 girls, I am blessed by the very thought of your sparkling multi-generational date. And I feel weepy as I read your beautiful plea for your daughter --"Let this daughter of ours know how it is to smell completely of her father's love." Your words are poetry and heart. I'm so glad I stopped by. Wish we could gather our girls for sparkles and sip coffee together :)

  13. Girl time is so precious. This makes me think of special times spent with my own mother. I'm sure she will treasure these moments just as much as you do.

  14. love, love, love. With 2 little girls of my own, i know this love.

  15. That you celebrate her, female, will make all the difference.
    I love you for this! <3