"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{repost} Outside Our Door

I am reposting the words I wrote below last month to join Jennifer in the conversation about marriage.  While marriage has been a delight to me, and I am so proud of this life his hands have built and count myself so blessed to know the journey in each strand of his life, I want to celebrate the beauty that can be found in the fight for it all.  The pain in keeping connected and and the struggle to find the strength to remain one...for in this, I see true love.

Oh, those winds blow hard outside our door tonight my love…
I lie awake watching your chest rise and fall.

When did each day become common place;
when these days were the very dreams we shared
inside each of our teenaged kiss?

My eyes flash
Your teeth gnash
We stand hard on these worn disagreements
In words long felt but not spoken
You tell me I’ve changed
My heart sobs as I tell you I wish you’d do the same.

And in the silence of those pregnant moments,
I find us grappling hard for the love that brought us together.
No longer are we fresh twenty, holding hands before our wedding alter.
We are now in those very days our vows committed to one another.

Yet, as I watch the sleeping rhythms of your breath,
I realize they are but a mirror of my own.
We are connected by our essence,
alike in ways our conscious thought rarely understands.

Together, we emerged decidedly one
made so not only by fate, but by faith, and by fight.

For those winds, they’ve come to shake us,
wake our babies from their beds.

Let us pull up all around us the blankets of redemption,
Rest our weary heads in the lap of forgiveness
And brave this night, hand in hand.


  1. This is lovely . . . love looks like struggle too and finding our own way, growing through the cracks and brokeness. I left you a response to your comment today, just wanted to make sure you see it. And so glad to call you my friend and follow your writing journey. Blessings!

  2. Hooray for choosing to wait it out, work it out, and stick it out! God bless.

  3. I love your post. God stuff. God-hearted stuff.

    There is a wonderful poem I posted. I would give up my rock collection to have written it myself. I think you will appreciate its truth and genuine goodness. If you want to read it:


  4. Yes, this:

    "We are now in those very days our vows committed to one another."

    This is where the I DO, because the I STILL WILL.

    Thank you ...

    Really delighted that you linked in community.

  5. You know how to pierce the essence of things. Beautiful, honest writing.