"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Monday, February 20, 2012

Moments Warmed by the Sun

She awakes.
Sitting up, back lit by the sun seeping through the blinds.
Her hair, giving hints of the hard night spent,
dried wavy. wild. nymph affect
from the fever damp and cold compresses applied .

The only thing brighter than this morning's glow
is her smile greeting me.
The shadow of her emerging chin
dances across the bare slope of her shoulder

She's clothed now only in sheer delight.

Awhile later, we are tucked tight under the softest fleece on the couch.
The whispers of the past night's worry make her presence next to me
all the warmer and more affectionate.

The sun now creates a stage upon the cushions
for her spooky spider shadow puppet
to creep, on the hunt for its next victim.

Her hands,
slowly losing the dimples housed at each knuckle,
hands stretching out to contain all of her almost 4 years.

Her wrist bone
now peeks through the toddler,
just as the girl she will become glimmers next to me
in the winter's bright.

How many more days will we pass like this, she and I?

Her fitting perfectly at my side ~ natural, fluid.

How many more days will her spirit feel free to the open stream of imagination bubbling forth unconsciously?

How much longer will she need only my presence to feel safe and secure?

How many more moments I wonder, will feel this whole. This holy.

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  1. Tara, this is beautiful. Sounds like you had a hard night with a sick girl but it sounds like she is better and hope you are too. Love all those questions. And the answers? Only He knows but as a mom of a girl a bit down the road from yours, you have lots of those days ahead. I know you will savor each one.

  2. lovely photos and wonderful words, hold on to these precious moments, they fly by so fast...

  3. Ooh, such beautiful words and images! Thank you for sharing this. These days are gone with my daughters, but I hope they can repeat them with kids of their own one day.

  4. Your morning reminds me of one I had with my then-5-year-old daughter. I wrote about it here: Thanks for this -- love the images and the words. Disappearing dimples are to be cherished, mourned.

  5. What beautiful words and sun effect in the first picture. Simply lovely.

  6. oh such beauty here...and drink it all in...the easy and the hard...time does go by so quickly...blessings to you...

  7. Tara, such beautiful word pictures. Makes me long for my babies when they were babies. Now they are all grown and though things are beautiful, they are different.

  8. Tara...that first picture is absolutely captivating! Thanks for stopping by Our Adventure with Boys. Blessings to you...Jenna

  9. I love this and could relate to much of it. My little girl will be 3 this week. It goes by too quickly. I'm glad for the time you took to really see your daughter, and I'm glad for the time you took in writing her down just the way she is, right now.

  10. Love this and always love being at your bloggy home. It's so welcoming. Thanks friend.

  11. I have had these moments...the wheezing in the night and the wondering and fearing. The next day dawns and there she is -- healing and smiling. And there I am, grateful.

    Glad she is on the mend.

  12. It is simply beautiful how well you capture in words being completely immersed in the present with your precious gift.. I have 3 girls... my oldest will be 18 years in June and my youngest will be 2 years in April. This resonates in my soul because I now well how fast time flies... and I am living life much differently now, as time lost has stricken me with grief at times... only to compel me grasp on to the moments I do have...

    Thank you for the warm reminder...

  13. I, too, LOVE hanging out with my daughters.


  14. Oh,this is BEAUTIFUL. Makes me want to linger under a fuzzy blanket with my little ones, too. Thank you for capturing beauty in the ordinary. You are a poet! Blessings to you as you savor the moments.

  15. Your girl is lovely...glad she is feeling better...your observation about the dimples in her hands reminded me of how I loved the dimples in our girl's hands, and how sad I was when they finally disappeared...keep enjoying your time with her...I know that you are :)

  16. love how you record the passing of time, the sacred moments of your days. such beauty, even in the midst of illness.
    hold them close, as i know you already are.

  17. I love how you capture the details in these moments...moments you will cherish always.

  18. What a beautiful portrait--painted with mamma heart. Praying your wee one feels better, and yes, savor this sweet--hard as it is. How I miss those days.

  19. hi Tara,

    we are both linked up at Ann's, Laura's, and Jen's this week! i first read you at Emily's a couple weeks back. this is gorgeous poetry here. such a sweet reminder of the precious times we have with them. thank you.


    this is my gratitude post: