"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Friday, February 24, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Born of Grit and Grace

candid of ava during a children's wild west parade 

We were born of other generations, fighter women who knew their name.  
We were born inside covered wagons, and far off places that no one yet called home.
     We were born of tall swinging grass, that sway to protect their seeds. 
     We were born of women's suffrage, of equality, and expansion of rights. 
We were born of rocky hillsides, our place in birthing rooms, and graveyards. 
    We were born along the seaside, our busts planking the starboard side.
We were born in hours spent scrubbing kitchen floors, over pots at rolling boils.
     We are born of divine strength and fire. Cultivating generations to come.
We are born of mighty bloodlines. Of wanderers, and the Appalachia's too. 
     We are born brave anointed daughters, called to a love that's bold and free. 
We are born our moxie showing, our jaws set, and hearts steady, true.
We women;  born of grit and grace.

This week's word: Grit



  1. Love this... like poetry... the words that stirred my heart... "the birthing room"... I thought of the humility found in our beginning... then after, what we do with our life is so much in our hands... until we place it in God's... even still, we decide so much of how we are going to live and leave a legacy...

    "called to a love that's bold and free"... beautiful

  2. Yes...yes...yes! Women ARE poetic creatures, gritty steel magnolia. NICE turn of words for 5MF. :)

  3. thoroughly enjoyed this - and love the accompanying photo! beautiful!

  4. Fantastic.
    The images are strong and fierce -
    I want to be this. strong!
    Great writing.

  5. Love your strong imagery here. Beautifully done! ;)

  6. Oh, you got me all fired up! :)
    love it...beautiful.

  7. Lovely, you put it into words beautifully. These girls of ours grit and beauty defines them

  8. Tara, its like you read a book on the history of women and then spilled out words like footnotes. You have such depth and beauty in your words. And just five minutes - amazing. That photo is glorious. Love her little hands.

  9. Lovely, I could wrap myself in this. It fits just so.

  10. Love the candid photo. It fits so well. Your words ring poetic and true. Lovely post.

  11. Oh, these words. You pour your own grit and grace right into them. I love this so much.

  12. Tara, so gifted! A beautiful post prose and poetry combining to make it rich with history, beauty and, yes, grit and grace. I know these women if not before, now because of your words! I really fell in love with this piece. Thanks for sharing your gifts!

  13. did a powerful job with these words....grit and grace...I love it...have a great weekend....

  14. "we were born brave anointed daughters"... amen, tara. this is so beautiful, and i LOVE the candid shot. thank you so much for your words on my posts. they mean so much. xo

  15. I love this! "We are born brave anointed daughters, called to a love that's bold and free." So beautiful!

  16. I love it! I am just now getting over for a return visit. I am so glad you stopped by Behind the Gate.

  17. Just beautiful, empowering, and inspiring!

    "We are born of divine strength and fire. Cultivating generations to come." Love, love this lines..

  18. Two of my favorite "G" words . . . Nicely done up, Tara. And that picture? I want to eat her.