"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Me,

To the "Me" of 5 years ago, and oh...say, 5 minutes ago,

You've really got to stop over analyzing- if your words make sense...if you should have said "no" to that friend...if you could have been more present whilst sipping on pretend tea, three deep in half dressed barbies, watching your son and Mario take over a galaxy. 

Stop reworking things already submitted, wondering if your voice has value in a world where everyone is trying to be heard, or whether your life will make an impact at all.

Oh sure, you can stop and ponder these things, there's value and discernment in doing so; but when those voices, those questions stop you from doing what you love, or "being" without hesitation? You know you've gone a hair too far.

See, I'm here in the future.  In this moment called the "now".  It's messy here, and not that large, and it's true, nothing does look exactly like we've planned. 

But it's got all the things to sustain you, and that smallness of grandeur leaves you the right kind of full. - you've got laughter over shuffling cards, "I love you" over top the heads of the lives you've created, moments written down, and a passion for mankind felt deep.  In one sweet hug that hits you across your knees and in one "My Mom is cool" sentence scratched, you will feel the wonderful weight of it all. 

                                         Your life. Your meaning. Your abundance.

So just sit back a little, enjoy your time. For who by worrying can add a single minute to their life? No, your worry will only waste them away.

You've got this.

Why? Because you're not left to make it matter alone.  So stop being so damn dramatic and all encompassing.  Allow others to come along side you. To love you. To carry you through. You'll do the same for them someday, you'll see.  We'll do life together.

And when you get here to the present? Oh, you'll be amazed.  You've come a long, long way in tiny life changing steps.  Best part? You ain't close to being done.

What's that?  Will you fail? Oh, bet.  And some of it will hurt like hell.  But that's the great thing about time. It always propels you forward. Through it. Past those hurts and into new dreams. New hope.

So just relax.

Pick up that baby, or that book, and always that pen.  Sink into your chair and into these moments.  Because these moments?  Those are the one thing you don't get back.

                                                                                  the present day me

PS - oh- if you happen to run into the me of 5 years from now, or for that matter, 5 minutes from now?  You may need to make sure she gets this letter, too.  xoxo

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  1. being without hesitation...oh I needed that challenge... great post...
    blessings as we live in these moments...

  2. I so, so get this, Tara! Thank you for writing it down for all of the Me's too.

  3. Oh Tara, I love this so much.
    Thank you, especially for this,
    "you're not left to make it matter alone. So stop being so damn dramatic and all encompassing. Allow others to come along side you. To love you. To carry you through. You'll do the same for them someday, you'll see. We'll do life together."
    Amen {so be it}

  4. I'm pretty sure you could have started this with "Dear Katie" instead of "Dear Me." You're speaking straight to my heart today. Love this!

  5. I think you and I were on the same page in our writing this week, Tara! Wow! I love how you came at this. It really makes me stop and think. This is the kind of woman I want to be--living for the day, no matter how messy! :) And thanks for coming by my blog and encouraging me!

  6. So powerful. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  7. Oh, I think I write this letter to myself every day.

  8. Oh the overanalying, re-working, wondering, the self-doubt, I get it. I live it. Love the way you wrote this. It is so creative. You do have a voice, you do matter, your making an impact, just the way you are. Believe it! And I would give you a hug, pour you a cup of tea and laugh with you about the way we think some days . . if my arms could stretch that far. Maybe someday.

  9. love every bit of this. now. . . when you get it all mastered, come back and let me know, ok? that's the part i'm working through. day after day. step by step. but if i can find any shortcuts along the way. . . :-)
    ah, sweet write.

  10. Beautiful write. Oh, to enjoy each moment! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

  11. oh, you had me at the "over analyzing" relieved to know that I am not alone...wonderful writing, Tara...thanks :)

  12. Hi Tara - I love this. Maybe I should write a letter to myself at different ages. All those insecurities we had and still have. Great post
    God bless and thanks for linking up. I love seeing you there

  13. It's a good idea...writing a letter to self. Mine would read much the same as yours, dear one. Keep talking to yourself rather than listening to the enemy, and you'll be surprised where He'll take you.

  14. oh, *beautiful*, Tara. perfect, because you didn't hold anything back. a letter to myself...i wonder what i would write?

    blessings to you,


  15. You made the intensely personal expansively universal here. This is priceless and true and this is my favorite line: that smallness of grandeur leaves you the right kind of full.
    Delicious writing. thank you for blessing me!

  16. WOW - perfect! I think I need to rewrite your letter for myself. I had tears.

  17. Everyone, everywhere, God is speaking to me of trusting Him, of living in the now and not worrying about tomorrow or grieving over yesterday. Thank you. And thank you too, for your kind comment at my place.

  18. I read this 5 times and it got better by the minute.


  19. I love this so much I'm going to send it to everyone I love who hasn't already found it where I found it (yes...Facebook...)! THANK YOU!

  20. You didn't know it, but you wrote this to me too. Message received. You're brilliant, by the way.

  21. Those voices. Yes. They have stopped me from "being".
    Such good words here Tara. Love this.