"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Monday, January 23, 2012

Strands of Life {dripping sweet and full of joy}

Today I celebrate your life,
hand in hand we wander through the day.
soft. quiet. 
Just the way your heart works,
and how it heals the swirl of my own.

eleven birthdays I have spent by your side.
The first to welcome in your seventeenth year.
I still see him here, that growing man,
wise beyond his years, with the glimmer of life yet yearned for 
lightning in your eyes.

Now, the appearance of a few gray strands 
dance just above your ears blown by the oceans wind.
I smile as I tuck a stray one down.

You have earned these, my love.
Earned them through the responsibilities you eagerly accepted at a young age.
You have earned them by scraping through the valleys and hills 
of love. of fatherhood.

My chest swells with the wonder and honor of being made your partner.
That I know the heartache, joy, the journey in each of those strands.
Those emerging signs of the story we are building together.

today I celebrate every year we have faced together
every year that brought you to me
every year that keep coming at such a rapid rate.

I vow to keep counting those years through
the lines that etch your face
the browns that turn to gray.

For each is for us to remember,
to create,
years to fill with love.

These are the days when the moments drip heavy with joy:

17.  One glorious night in New Orleans: Beignets, rice and beans, and the soul moving music of the Preservation Hall Band.

18.  Leaving the world behind: no cell phones, e-mail, access to our responsibilities- boarding a boat, just he and I, to rest. renew. rejoice.

19.  Sandy toes, drinking in the Mexican Sun, Letting the wind erase worry.

20.  Climbing Ruins. Greeting Monkeys. Digesting the country of Belize.

21.  Reading 3+ books, watching no less than 8 movies.  Not moving until I wanted to.

22.  Napping and ice cream. Every afternoon.

23.  The hills of Honduras, hauntingly beautiful.  Finding rest beside the water ~ forgetting time and thoughts.

24.  Being free of agendas, time, and responsibilities.

25.  Laughing over shared looks in groups of people.

26.  Feeling insignificant before the massiveness of the ocean.

27.  Watching the sunset above the clouds. holding hands. Savoring these last moments.

28.  Scooping up warm sleeping bodies, tucking them into their beds. The house clicking with heat, popping to expand to the life returning.  Family together under one roof.

29.  Early morning reunions. Beaming faces who delight in the trinkets given and telling you they "missed your smell".

30.  Finding out the fantastic, fully deserved news, {this sister is bursting with pride} that my brother and dear friend Adriel Harris are confirmed musical guests for The Late Night with David Letterman {June 4th!!!}

On this last note, here is a video {shot by my friend John, you know the one with the amazing pictures}   of Cory and Ade rehearsing and performing with The Preservation Hall Band at the NewPort Folk Festival.  Such talent. All of them.  

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  1. Looks like your had a wonderful time - thanks for sharing the pictures...

  2. Oh, you beat me. I was just thinking about you today and getting ready to click on your site when I saw you in my comment box. Wow, what a lovely restful trip you had with your husband. Memories to cherish forever. I just said to my husband yesterday that he is getting more greys of late as well. I just took a trip with my husband as well (not as exotic as yours) and took photos out the plane window too! Those clouds are glorious. And the hugs and smiles we get upon return aren't so bad either. Congrats to your brother - exciting news!

  3. BEAUTIFUL LIST and tribute to your love! Really enjoyed my visit here!!

  4. I find myself coveting your list today! Beautiful. Love the moments and glad you captured and recognized them. Blessings.

  5. i've enjoyed reading your 'list'. thank you for sharing it. i'm just starting my own- and i am trying to find a creative way to post them.

  6. Awesome title for a post and fab pics.

  7. How sweet the journey together that you shared in words and photos...Thanks, Tara :)

  8. Came over from you sweet note on my site and I'm so glad I did. Your photos and list were a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What! What full excitement everywhere -- your vacation, your marriage, your brother! So excited for you and this abundance of joy in your life!!

  10. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. Love the photos.

  11. What beautiful words to honor your days together. May you have many more.


  12. Achingly sweet...isn't a love that grows deeper over time just the bestest? What a privilege to share in your special celebration. Beauty-full.

  13. hi there, your pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing. I love the picture of the the beautiful mountain of Honduras. Do you know where is the place in Honduras? thank you.

    1. hi! no, unfortunately I am not sure where exactly it is. we arrived via cruise so, close to the port if that helps!