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Monday, January 30, 2012

Pulling Tight the Cloak of Comfort

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The moon reflects up off the snow and onto your restlessly sleeping face.
You brows still knit tight together,
your dimpled fist clutching that tissue like a life line.

I prepare to stay beside you through this night,
with soothing words, cool hands,
and the reassurance that lies for every child in the presence of mother.

For even in the discomfort that has befallen you,
and the sleepless night in store for us both;
I find myself opening wide and welcoming these moments.

Because when your child needs,
a mother you become.

Tonight I slip on the cloak of comfort, the wisdom of sages
when you ask so reverently if you'll ever breath again.
I nod only once, praying that the half shadow of the princess nightlight
hides the smile dancing on my face.

Some days motherhood is a title that is hard fought.
Full of self-doubt, faultered steps, worry.
Not tonight, little bird.

Tonight, I pull tight into my title.
Rejoice that I smell just so.
I push back the falling strands of hair from your forehead.
Momentarily erasing signs of pain with a kiss.

And sink us slowly into the night
singing low sweet words sung by the ages
rocking us to the beat, the rhythm of our shared hearts.

Counting with Ann a thousand gifts:

31. Finding pleasant smiling faces, even from the car in front of me.

32. Baby girl, who has been going with brother since she was 2 weeks old to the bounce-house play area, can now officially do all the slides and fun all on her own.  And boy, does she ever.

33.  Date night with grandma, Owen, Ava {and her two closest dolly friends} to Beauty and the Beast 3-D. There will always be a place in my heart for singing plates, dancing knives, and debonair candlesticks.

34. Submitting my homework a day early.  This never happens… I mean, never.

35. Saturday afternoon unexpected naps on the couch while your husband and kids have an epic Super Mario galaxy session raging on.

36.  Owen learning to beat-box from his little friend from kindergarten.  Proudly showing us his skills… in his underwear. Word.

37. Finally taking down the Christmas decorations.  I think we officially get the holiday cheermeister award for two full months of being decked and jolly.

38.  For husbands who ASK for you to wait to watch Downton Abbey until he’s home from work.  And when you have to pause the show to take care of your sick daughter, unable to return, you find him watching the rest of the episode on his IPad. #lovemanlymenwhowanttoknowMatthewsfateasmuchasyou

39. Children excited by responsibility charts.

40. Clean socks. Finally doing laundry. Ask my family…it’s been awhile.

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  1. stopping over from Ann's. What a lovely poem. I pray your daughter is getting well and breathing better. Yay for the cheermeister award! I keep my lights up all year as they are too hard to get down by myself. That way the wires don't get damaged in being wrapped up - at least it sounds like a good reason :).

    Have a blessed week!

  2. Beautiful! *sigh* Motherhood perfectly described. :)

  3. Yay for clean socks! I have sat in a rocker with some of my little guys in the last few nights. My oldest son is 21 and yet with the others one still puts the cloak on each time with each one. This is a beautiful tribute to the gratitude one can feel in the midst of physical weariness.

  4. What a beautiful post! There is something so special about reading others gifts as they count them. :)

  5. #39 children excited about responsibility charts!! Now there is an awesome gift. Many blessings for this encouraging post.

  6. Oh, the love and beauty in your blessed your kids are...praying Ava is feeling better :) Thanks, Tara :)

  7. this was beautiful, tara! you've captured the essence of motherhood. i just love your writing.
    have a blessed week!

  8. I love your insights into daily life...
    life is better when we count our blessings!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  9. Such a beautiful post! Love the line "cloak of comfort".

  10. Beautiful poem in the midst of sickness. Hope Ava feels better soon. And my husband loves Downton Abbey too. As a matter of fact, he started watching it on his Kindle Fire first over the holidays and kept telling me I needed to watch it. My daughter and I did the marathon Amazon streaming to get caught up. Huge fan now. My kids used to love those charts too! Loved your writing today as usual. Blessings!

  11. Beautiful. I especially hold this close: "Some days motherhood is a title that is hard fought./
    Full of self-doubt, faultered steps, worry./Not tonight, little bird."

    Thank you.