"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Undaunted Faith

With Owen losing his second tooth, and the obscene amounts of mama pride I felt for something I had no part in,

it made me think of  a Jesus, two teeth missing, gap tooth beaming at his mom.

Mary must have wondered looking into his face,

"there's got to be more to this. This child is not strong enough to carry the world."

We get the God perspective when we read Mary's story. 
We know each time we read what contribution she makes,
what contribution He makes.

But staring at her son,
knobby knees, tripping over his feet as he races off to play with his siblings -

She must have felt let down. Wondered out loud:

"I thought he was destined for more."

Besides that one angel's greeting; Mary did not get reassurance that what had happened to her was valid, fruitful,
or would produce what was fortold.

Each day as Jesus ate her out of food,
as his neck thickened and his shoulders widened with the effort of his father's trade,

did not her mother's soul cry for the injustice that for her son,

she had been promised more.

Her soul knew he was more than
calloused hands
dusty beard
steady gate

She had borne the disownment.
The utter abandon and wild seeking eyes of Joseph when he learned her news.
She carried through that night on the blood soaked hay
because the angel had told her

"He will be great and will be called the Son of the most High."

Instead, it was only his mama's heart he touched as he squeezed her hand in thanks.
When in excitement he scooped her up fully in his becoming man embrace.

Yet, when she looked in his eyes, she knew.
From the moment of his conception she was steadfast in her devotion.

Did this not anger her all the more?

And as the years pass, and she heard tell of him becoming the man she knew him to be,

did she not crumble as she stood below his broken body.

as she watched vinegar pass to those lips
that used to seek nourishment at her breast.

that head, now adorned with bloodied thorns
that she once cradled in her lap.

Did not her inner soul rebel against her maker?
that deceitful messenger
that promised redemption
a savior of men.

Where were those wise men
and their gifts of gold?

Where was the star that shone
and brought those shepherds to their knees?

The skies darkened
while his broken cry rang out.

As he lifted his eyes to heaven.
She waited.

She had faith in her Son.


  1. This is just beautiful...blessings~

  2. I recently read a personality-types website that said that I have the same personality as Mary mother of Jesus. Kind of silly, but it got me thinking about characteristics of hers that I aspire to: her ability to love, to ponder, to dream, to feel pain in her heart so acutely yet still with hope for something beautiful to come. Thank you for capturing this here!

  3. I've not thought of the disappointment Mary could have felt when her son did "ordinary" things. Yet she kept faith in her Son. Such a beautiful example for all of us.

  4. wow. i had never thought of this aspect of Mary before. this is something i will have to explore for myself.


  5. Beautiful, something that has been on my heart lately...though I have not written so eloquently about it...thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for speaking of Mary as a mother and not a saint. I love seeing her this way. It moves me.

  7. very thought-provoking. you took me to a place i'm not sure i've ever gone. thank you.

  8. def is humbling to think of jesus as a kid and what his life must have been like...and that of his parents in waiting and then when it finally clicked too..

  9. wow. i've never thought about this before. thank you friend... powerful. and that is very exciting about owen's tooth! :)

  10. To think about Jesus losing his teeth, eating mother out of house and home...this caused vast imaginings...thank you.

  11. Good googly moogly lady have I told you how much I love your writing yet?! LOVE this perspective and thought.

    I read this quote on a friend's facebook page: Here's a quote I saw today that says it well, "So - i was thinking about Mary this morning - and her being 'highly favored'. . .that this equaled pregnancy out of wedlock, almost being abandoned, fleeing a madman who wanted to murder her infant son, being widowed, and watching her son be crucified like the worst criminal. definitely not my definition of 'favored'. . ."

    I can't imagine walking out that story and hearing that promise and watching it all unfold and wondering what God was doing or if I was just crazy all those years back when the angel came. I had never thought about how crushing the crucifixion could have been for her--not just losing her son, but the promise God made to her... Just. Wow.

  12. Lovely, challenging perspective...hopped over from Blog Frog. Happy New Year!