"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesdays unwrapped: All I want for Christmas

Is my two bottom teeth :)

See that right there?
That little boy a tad disheveled from a day at school
fresh glory and a
teany bit gory
sans tooth he just lost?

He's growing up.
And I'd say it's breaking this mama's heart,
except, it's not...
it is.
all at once.

That little man is also reading sight words
and writes important things down in
his journal.

He can count all the way 'til...
I make him stop

for just...

He has friends.
Most of them girls.
He earns tokens for listening well at school.

He has learned almost every
Christmas Carol
that he sings in the
warbling key

He uses words of encouragement
he's learned in class
on his mama.

He tells me I am good at almost everything
I've got great hair.

He's got skinny little scapulas.
When he's tired, he wiggles his buns.
His earlobes are
on Earth.

He tells me he's got a headache because
his brain
gets a little scrambled
from all that

He walks upstairs everytime little sister
needs to use the potty;
"Cause he's tall, and someone's got to
turn on the light
so she's not scared"

He makes inventions like this:
Because he's smart.
 Because he dreams.
  Because he wonders.

He's my peace on earth.
(linking up for the first time with Tuesdays Unwrapped where we take the day, whatever it holds, and look for the gifts.)


  1. Oh, this beauty makes me smile. Your little guy is adorable -- and what is even more beautiful is your seeing it, and then sharing it. It helps me see Him. And I want to see! My youngest lost her second front tooth two weeks ago, and I had to soak it up: this was the last front baby tooth our children (3) would ever lose! I am so thankful for your modeling of unwrapping Him. Gratefully, Jennifer

  2. This is lovely.
    I especially like "the precarious, warbling, key of adorable" . . . :)
    And yes, these boys teaching mamas.
    "The kingdom belongs to such as these . . ."
    Journeying Down.

  3. I love my little man this way too. They give us such a beautiful view of life, like removing the veil of the mundane to see joy. Sweet, sweet tribute of a precious boy by his mama.

  4. I agree, I agree! That soaking in the wonder of your kid and reveling in it, that is the gift of nurture. Thanks for sharing it here!