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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making Christmas

For the first time in 28 years, Christmas was up to me.

My parents and brother were spending it in Minnesota, the place I was born, my spirit country, and where just recently, I had the most fantastic time.

So, as dusk settled in, my heart hurt just a little for the want of them, and for the place my Christmases were born.

While in our movie nest, watching A Nightmare Before Christmas (got to love a 3 year old daughter who enjoys Tim Burton and Bing Crosby with the same religious fervor.) We got to iChat with all of our Northwoods family.

Gleaming even in cyber space, were the faces I love, gathered together in the place of my haven.  And as I watched little cousins Noah and Owen show each other nick-knacks received, and how to beat the next level of Angry Birds,

my heart knew.

This. right now. Is their Christmas in the making.

when they are grown and gone, these are the nights they will speak of and the moments that will forever define the celebration.

As Owen prayed over the meal, thanking God for the food, his family, love, and for joy.

I knew my soul needed to search no further. 

And it danced quietly by Ava, pirouetting in the candle light.

As my husband cooked the traditional Norwegian pudding, to perfection, like no other Italian boy would,
I knew then my bones had settled into my home.

As the kids added a hearty one part glitter to one part oatmeal, and sprinkled it along our walk way for the reindeer,

I felt the weight of being in charge of their memories.

...then I saw these faces

And I knew we were doing just fine.

As Jason helped me up from my wrapping sweat-shop; munching on Santa's cookies, smelling faintly of Chocolate milk...(after all, O is SURE Santa gets tired of plain milk, and we want him to remember our house the most); and we walk up the stairs lit only by tree light, trying to miss the creak in the middle of the 3rd stair,

I knew that this night... was enough.

(also, a great treat for me. Emily from Chatting at the Sky selected my post for one of her ten favorite blog posts of 2011~ you should really read the others selected as well, just opened up a lot of great writers to me.)

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