"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

just a few miles north of ordinary

skinny legs
boots mid-calf
beanie hats and jackets wrapped

Come traipsing into town...

from all over
come to smother my brother
with warmth
with strength
with love

Christmas lights shining
glowing slightly
on faces turned to songs

palpable excitement
blood bonds tightened
make present time seem suspended

squirt shots pouring
spirits soaring
sky lit bright by stars and laughter

country twangs
muppet serenades
hot toddies, food, and songs abound

all snuggled in
Bear trap’s den
raise a glass
a roast
and toasts

laces tightened
first timers frightened
glide tentatively across the ice

a trip to town
pack more food down
decked out in Ely’s finest

give faces to the people who shaped us

I’m drinking High Life
first time in my life
yet somehow, right now, it fits.

the stage is rushed
and these once acquaintances
deep into my heart right then

late night bowling
jalapeƱo pizza still smoking
pool table surrounded by the men

dance floor pumping
bodies bumping
overtaken by song and fun

cold white morning
all of us mourning
leaving behind these woods….

just a few miles north of ordinary


  1. Love your writing style. Looks like you had a wonderful time with family.

  2. and this mother-heart smiling with tear-shined grateful for love....

  3. What a great piece. Everything works...the pics...the poems. What a most excellent time.

    Thanks T.

  4. The photos are amazing - love the color/tone - These words are pure tribute
    give faces to the people who shaped us"
    love them Tara!

  5. What a fun post! You set the tone with the pictures and told more in your poetry about the difference between being social and experiencing community.

  6. stopping by from imperfect prose and am so glad I did!
    my fav: "Give faces to the people who shaped us." love it.

  7. just a fee miles north of ordinary...sounds like a rip roaring good time to be shared...enjoy these moments...

  8. OH MY goodness this looks like FUN. I love the way you celebrate. I'm so glad I found you.

  9. oh what fun! I just love the carefree spirit of doing something wildly fun with loved ones. Enjoy every moment you can get of that!!

  10. oh what a cool evening! i wish i could have been part of it :)

  11. Wow. You made memories that you'll be talking about even when you're an old lady. Way to live!

  12. What a wonderful collection of great people. My hat is off and my smile is on.