"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Great {Un}Expectation

Five minute Friday: Unexpected


don't let this sleeping face fool you...

From birth my daughter has brought with her a zeal for the unexpected...

                cord wrapped around her neck four times,

                                to the wailing and insufficient eating

(that caused the staff to ask if she was experiencing "withdrawals" of  some postpartum horror, trying to explain, no, I was not on any drugs...)

My son had been relatively easy, and he remains to be.  He lives in his head, he's sensitive, loyal...his little brain works a lot like mine.  So, I thought (the lover of control that I am) that I had this down.

Then, Ava danced into my life,

                  full of fits,

                                 refusing to be alone,

                                                sharp tongue,

                                                                 brazen in her own strength.   

She also carries with her

                the world's best laugh,

                                best kisses (because she makes you work for them),

                                                fantastic artistic taste,

                                                                the freedom to break out in dance, wherever she is.

She has been placed in my life to teach me the joy of the unexpected. To stop, right where I am to experience this life I have been given.  The beauty in the immediate world around me, not just what I am striving to become, what I wish to accomplish. Right here. Right now. Immediate beauty.

Daily, moment by moment, she gives me the opportunity to choose to love well, as opposed to love easy, by what comes most naturally to me.

Ava, the meaning of her name is "Little Bird",
she teaches me to let go, and fly.

How she came out of her room to be dressed for the day...


  1. So Sweet! It seems unexpected events are there to teach us something, show us to accept gifts and enjoy life.
    Your little one is very cute! Have a lovely week-end.

  2. "to choose to love well, as opposed to love easy"

    That is brilliant! Beautiful post...I would love to meet Ava. I imagine she is a blast!

  3. "choosing to love well". yes, i have one that challenges me in this manner, as well. and often it's rather painful, but the return is well worth it.
    blessings to you in your journey--thanks for sharing a part of it.

  4. Beautiful. I have a Sophia Grace, which means wisdom and grace, something she teaches me daily:) Love this post.

  5. Wow Tara, you nailed this one right on. As the mother of a free and crazy daughter, I can relate to your beautifully written message. :)

  6. HAHAHA. awesomeness. love the head gear. and how terrible the staff asking about withdrawals...gosh it's so hard being post partum and having to explain yourself to strangers...ugh. nice bed side manner for sure....

    glad you have a healthy vibrant baby girl despite their critiques

  7. I love how they are all DIFFERENT gifts straight to our hearts.

  8. Yes indeed...each child can be completely unexpected in their temperament an attitude! I love the pic of her outfit!

  9. Isn't it funny how our children continually teach us to let go? Thanks for reading my post today :) Looking forward to more from you!

  10. The individuality of children! What unexpected joys and sometimes, sorrows, but what treasured gifts! Loved reading about BOTH your children! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Seeing life through their eyes and experiencing life through their hearts....what a gift indeed. Totally unexpected, and beautiful beyond words.

    Ava is adorable! How blessed are you!

  12. Tara, I so relate to having a strong, insistent, knows-who-they-are child. Thank you for speaking her praise. Thank you for making space for all of us to speak the praise of our children that break us open, slow us down, and make us see. Beautiful post.

  13. Tara,
    This is simply beautiful. I loved this ... best kisses (because she makes you work for them),
    a discerning young lady!
    Loving well ... this reached deeply within me.
    Thank you,