"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In these small hours

It's the deep of the night,
the moon cradles us in her belly.

your breath still shines of the baby you were,
while your knobby knees tell of the boy you've become.

Our voices rise and fall in time with our heroes,
stories weaved in air, lift and transport us.

Your fingers, sticky sweet from jam and lincoln logs,
rub the gold plated pages of the tales we're tucked into.

We lean into each other under the swell of stars,
sustained by these small hours.


  1. nice what a beautiful moment with your child...and your reading will nurture the man in the boy...

  2. beautiful, soft, full picture ... such love you captured!

  3. this made me well up with tears. exquisite writing. such a tender, beautiful moment.

  4. beautiful and sweet. hopefully you'll keep this to read to him some day. i'm trying to be more intentional in this, for these moments--i don't think they realize how we, as mothers, are so affected by them, by their lives. some day. it will be good to share the heart impact they've had on us.

  5. oh i love this so beautiful and sweet! a lovely moment curated for time in a lovely poem. so glad to have stopped by via emily's

  6. You seem a very well gifted person to me.