"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

from whence I came

I come from red clay mountains, birch trees dipped in the boundary waters, and the echoes of Whisper Lake.

I’m from Big League Chew and Red Hots too, from next to the ice-cream case, taxidermy proudly displayed.

I come from baby grands with broken keys, and cheap guitars played rich with love.

From peanut butter kisses and midnight cheese crackers, rocked back to sleep in a shroud of raven hair.

I come from the echo of shuffling cards,  13 beds packed tight on cement floors, doughnuts sweet decadence dancing in air.

I come from dead-end streets, refrigerator box forts, basement theatres, and a parsonage turned home.

I come from women who were sure in their strength and from men who wept while singing carols.

I come from pot-luck dinners, cold casseroles, Godly instruction seasoned by the taste of Werther originals.

From PhD’s earned at night school, 4am paper routes to buy braces, coffee and burnt toast.

I come from whispering out into the wind as a storm rolls in, from those 2 tiny bodies splashing in the lake at sunset.

I’m from picking berries and mosquito bites, tucked deep beneath the pines,

From miles traveled ~ the world unfolded in the back of a station wagon.

I come from a little pine church built on miners’ tithes, strong hands that held me as his hymns made flight to heaven.

I’m from Norwegian lilts that made my childhood dance, and from the graves that I’ve stood over.

I come from this land, these people, a blood and bone foundation poured deep…

For I am the memory keeper.

(I was first inspired to fill out my own "Where I'm from" after reading Sarah's at Emerging Mummy and you can track the format back to this form: "Where I'm From" template by George Ella Lyons  while I was a little more loose with mine, I love this and could spend years and pages coming up with countless renditions.)


  1. Tara, the walk through your past is so vivid. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, J

  2. Oh how beautiful. I love that you have given us a peek into who you are.

  3. I love this. Thanks for not only giving us a glimpse into who you are, but helping us to "feel" and "see" all of you too! Beautiful!

    Also, thanks for swinging by my place. :)

  4. This reminds me of a children's book I read called The Giver. Excellent images!

  5. i come from whispering in the wind...two splashing that line..i love these poems as they give so much texture to the person...

  6. I come from women who were sure in their strength and from men who wept while singing carols.

    this line touched me greatly friend but the whole piece was so rich... i savored the details.... xo

  7. I like this piece; it is modern and cool.