"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Friday, November 25, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Grateful

This week's word: Grateful

I am grateful for our small old house bending and creaking to hold in our family.

I am grateful for game day rivalry.  brother pitted against brother, civil war epic proportions.

I am also grateful that of that football rivalry, my husband's team was victorious...afterall, I have to live with the man.

I am grateful for the grace in which my mother-in-law and husband prepare food in the kitchen. Conferring softly over steaming lids of dishes  smelling of warmth and home.

I am grateful for using my mother's plates to hold the meal, a true blending of family efforts.

I am grateful to have more bodies to share the day with than seats at my table.  I am grateful that at 30 years old, my brother and I rejoined the kids table.

I am grateful for the blessing of the meal being given by my 5 year old that made my mama heart sing. Why do grownups even try to pray, when it is said so much better through the honest, simple prayer of a child.

I am grateful that after the dishes were put aside, the uncles carryied my laughing children back and forth to "jail" for the better part of an hour, while I just...sat. And smiled.

I am grateful that for a pause, the house felt empty after everyone left, for I knew then that it had been full, and it had been good.

But mostly, I am grateful to the life that has led us to the meal.  The shared love, heartache, dreams that we have traveled together.  For that I will give thanks.


  1. Love that you re-joined the kids table! It's way more fun isn't it? And the prayers of children, way better too. Enjoyed your snapshot of Thanksgiving through the lens of gratitude.

  2. Such a lovely, lovely post! You are a sensitive writer; thank you so much! Let's continue to see the places where we must be thankful and rejoice!
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