"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Haunts

At the end of the huanted mansion, Ava and I were greated by the new 2011 updated "ghosts", just installed.  As they interacted with us, and Ava giggled holding her hands out to her new friend, I just smiled remembering my "ghost" that "followed me home" 22 years ago.

Everytime I return, my own 6 year old ghost waves me in, beaming...

I see her dancing savagely with her brother past the 'head hunters' on her way to pirates,

I see her in Peter Pan's shadow as we fly out of the nursery,

She's intensly driving on the speedway, unaware of the guardrails keeping her course,

and if I look closely in the steam of train at Mainstreet station, I see her soaring high above us all.

She's not the only one of my happy haunts that inhabit there:

my teenage awakard self can be found on all the thrill rides with tears of laughter spilling down her cheeks with her friends,

a little older now, but still so young, watching those fireworks reflected in the big brown eyes of the boy she was very timidly falling in love.

two years later she returns to this same spot, her new wedding ring, with no scratches of life, love and loss yet etched upon it, watching those fireworks with that same boy, sending her dreams for her life up into that night sky.

here I find her, her hips a little wider, her heart loving a little boy with a love that's a little wilder...

and another year, belly swollen, tucked up inside her she gracefully protects her second wonder.

year after year

these happy spirits return, my babies bigger, until

I watch with delight as their childhood spirits dance with my own.

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  1. this is so beautifully written, tara. i'm glad you came to my place so i could find yours. bless you. e.