"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Week's Goings On

My kids have been quite active this week doing cute and sometimes downright weird things.

First, Ava has decided to start potty training herself. She's good for catching me completely off guard by the age in which she wishes to do things...her first tooth at four months, completely in a toddler bed by 17 months, and now pooping on the potty by 21 months. Good thing they have age limits for things like driving!!

To celebrate, we went to The Princess and the Frog with Nina which was Ava's first movie experience.

Ava has also been not sleeping which is not fun, but on the plus side, I get to hang out with her a little longer. Turns out she is in LOVE with ice skating. I think I need to get her out on ice soon, to see if she likes to do it as much as watch it.

She's also been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred workout DVD with me...Adorable (her, clearly not me...nothing adorable about me working out, promise.) holding toys as weights, doing push ups, and crunches, even putting her hands behind her head and everything... ridiculously cute.

Owen has been, well= Owen.

Monday morning we were driving to daycare when he burped. He politely said "Excuse Me!" followed by "But it wasn't really me, mom. It was the worm inside my mouth." When I said "Really?!?" He replied, "Yea, watch out, it's almost as big as a snake."

I was telling him that he was going to get to learn about George Washington's birthday today and would get to make cherry pie. He asked "George Washington's coming to my school for a birthday party?!?" So I tried to explain that he wasn't still alive, but because he was a President we still celebrate, and if he understood. He says, "Yea...I know George." After school he told us all about chopping down a cherry tree with an axe.

We went to the grocery store last night and he picked out "smiley fries" which are self-explanatory as to what they look like. Then this morning driving to school he asked me why the fries were smiling. I told him if I were to be eaten like a nice boy like you, I would be happy to.
"Oh," he replied, "I thought they were telling jokes in the bag."

Tonight his prayer went like this (and this was all.)
"Dear God,
Thank you for bananas.
Thank you for squirrels.

What more could you really thank God for. I think Owen might have made God's night. He sure makes mine!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Buddy Friend

Owen's prayer two nights ago. Sweet in it's simplicity.

"Dear God,
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for keeping me safe. Thank you for staying with me always so I'm not scared.

Yesterday was the first time I felt my heart drop for my buddy friend. We went and visited Jason while he was building the theatre set at the high school. Owen saw two girls that he was wondering why they were sitting on the ground, so I told him to go ask them what they were doing. He got almost all the way there, then looks back and me and said "What if they don't like me?" Later that night when I talked to him again he said that two of his friends at school were playing and didn't want him playing with them. Reality hit me of all the years ahead, and everything my sweet boy will have to experience on his own. His big tender heart is such a wonderful part of him, but it will be the part that takes the most hits over his life. I didn't know before becoming a mom that it would hurt me just as much as it hurts him.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fresh Air

This weekend I went out...are you ready? Two nights in a row! Friday night I was technically out with my parents, so I'm pretty sure that null and voids the fact that I was out with out children, but regardless of my social standings, I had a very fun time. Cory had shows here in Appleton, and since they didn't start until like 10:00 I was able to put the kids to bed and go out without feeling guilty.

Saturday, I decided despite my "oh, I shouldn't", that I had fun the night before, and therefore should go again. I'm very happy for that decision. I had a great time at Cory's show, and more importantly hanging out with people that matter to me. I haven't laughed that hard in a long while, nor been such a dork without side looks from my children or my husband. And when I got home at 5 that morning, I didn't regret one minute when at 7:15 the kids woke me up. I felt like I had taken a deep breath after not realizing that I had been holding my breath.

That got me thinking, hazy, coming off of the wine and the lack of sleep thinking , but it just reaffirmed for me what I am looking for this year in my life. For years now it seems as though I have been preparing myself for something, even out of high school it was college/Colorado, then being married, then becoming a mother, then caring about being good at my job and to keep getting good grades, you get the picture. Even with this blog, I want a way to explore being "me" again. As important as being a wife, a mother, a monetary contributer to my family is - - I am more than those things. I am someone who needs to laugh awkwardly loud, make jokes that are sarcastic and most likely uncalled for, to sing, to dance, to stay up late just talking. I haven't been that part of me since like High School. This weekend, I feel like I did all those things and am grateful for those of you that allowed me to do that.