"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well It's about time!

So I'm quickly falling behind on keeping this current. I have an issue about recapping a trip I just came back from, especially when they were so fun. General highlights of the trip are:

Driving to TN first to stay the day at Jason's Dad's house: The further south we drove, the more snow came falling down. It was mildly disturbing. I was happy to only be 26, as a total that night I slept 1 hour. When we got to the mountain roads (and I mean mountains) that had the snow covering, no salt, and no guard rails I had a control freak break down. I tried to play it cool for the kids, but I think I failed because my fearless daughter took my hand patted it and said "It's K mama!"...followed by "Wheeee!!" and putting her arms up like a roller coaster.

First Part of the Trip: It was crappin' cold, I'm talking 32 degrees, windy and well almost miserable - - we were holding on to that Disney magic as hard as we could, but I'll admit it was waning even for me. Then by the third day for sure it warmed up and we were really having a great time.

Jason's Dad Lynn came down too, and it was so great to spend a week with him! Spending time with Lynn really helps me understand Jason better, because I don't think that apple even fell off the tree. He is so laid back, observes everything with a smile on his face, and the way he loves Ava is just about too much. Of course he loves Owen, but there is something about a little girl in pigtails that's your namesake that stole his heart I think.

The kids of course ate up the Disney experience, Owen the old pro at all the characters, and really got into the magic, and dreams coming true was the theme of his trip. One day while he was sitting on the potty, I peaked in to see how he was coming along, and he sat there, head in hands saying "I'm just sitting here, thinking about my dreams...hoping they come true." Later that night at the fireworks (which he tried really hard to pretend he liked, but was death grip frightened) we got him some popcorn and he exclaims "Dreams really do come true!! I've been wishing for popcorn all day, and look what happens when you truly believe!"

Ava experienced it all with her zest. She was waving to everyone, regardless if they were a Princess, or an odd looking man in line that looked like a 'character'. Every land has music playing and as soon as she heard the music, she was dancing and singing. She really lite up the whole experience. I would know, because for the entire trip, Ava refused to be further than a arms length from me. I'm talking no one was allowed to push her stroller but me, and if someone could, I had to walk by her and hold her hand. Owen had to go to the bathroom, and when a 3 yr old says he has to go, we book it. So I quickly got up from the table with him and raced to the bathroom. When we got back, I don't know who looked worse Ava or her Dad. Jas told me that he was worried people were going to think he stole her because of the shrieking fit she had when she realized I was gone. I learned my lesson :)

End of the Trip: Owen (and Ava) got to go swimming the last day of the trip, and I think had we only went swimming he would have been just as happy. Jason's birthday was the last day, so we went into the park, did some rides and ended the day with an ice cream sandwich made with the freshly baked Toll House cookies on Mainstreet. Again, when we got home and his Daycare teachers asked about his trip all he said was "It was my Dad's birthday, and we ate ice cream sandwiches". Kids, they are easy to please :). Another cute thing of the trip was that Owen started calling the hotel gift shop the "Looking Shop" because I kept telling them, "Remember, we just look, we don't touch!" At least something I've said has gotten through!

We had down pouring rain and bad fog all the way to TN, but we got there and then headed home the next day. The kids did as well as could be expected in the car, they really hung in there and did an awesome job. On the way there, I laughed because after stopping for gas the kids were awake, watching Mikey Mouse Club House, eating Cheetos, and I looked at the clock, 4 am. Hey, they weren't crying, yelling, or trying to unbuckle their seatbelts.

It was a wonderful trip, full of memories...and as I am finding out, for the parents? A lot of work.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

M-I-C"ee you real soon!" k-e-y M-o-u-s-e

I think we are pretty much in order to go on our trip. We planned ahead and are really trying to leave the house clean so that when we get back, and are depressed enough, we don't have to walk into a pile of stank that we have to clean.

This is not my style. I usually leave the place a walking disaster. Just ask my parents, they lived with it for 18 years. I'm talking funky undies in a heaping pile and crunchy dishes in the sink. This is me trying out my not be so messy goal for 2010, I feel so accomplished - ha. :)

I think mentally I need some time away as well. This may seem odd since I just had Christmas and even a day off for New Years, but a scenario today at work made me pause, laugh at myself, and say "I think it's good I'm going away!" Here's the scene.

We had a departmental meeting today at 10:00 (On FaceBook and Twitter of all things...this in itself made me in a shnarky mood knowing that I would be chuckling at all of the [older] generation of coworkers looking dumbfounded about tweets, FarmVille etc. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.)

Ok, so I saw someone headed to the meeting at 9:50 - - 9:50?!? I was shocked. Then I asked myself, was ten minutes early that unreasonable, but in our culture, it is. Here's the thinking that is never spoken but strictly adhered to:
10 minutes is too early, this sends the message that you don't have enough to do. Plus I have to add that it can be awkward because no one else except the meeting organizer is there.
Coming exactly on time or after is just considered disrespectful or rude.
5 minutes is ok, but it's still pushing the too early mark.
That leave 3-2 minutes the ideal arrival at a meeting time. This way you can pleasantly chat to the coworker next to you, and with that, the meeting starts.

This is when I decided that I needed to get away for awhile. Every work environment has it's social norms, but I think I need to chill out from mine for a week. The Pohlkotte norm is much less structured, even down right weird, and I love it.

I'm sure when we get back I'll have plenty of pictures and stories to share. I can't wait!