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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Modern Family

Jason just got a new job (yea Jason) working second shift...this means that we no longer need to put the kids in daycare (yea money).  This also means that Jason and I now "split" childcare duties...he's home in the morning with the kids and I now work 6-2:30 taking care of the kids until bedtime. This has been of course wonderful in the sense of our extended time with the kids. As you can also imagine, family "moments" good and bad seem to be coming more rapidly...I feel like I'm going to get a lot of good blog material out of this change!

For instance: We had a really good first week, but this past weekend was a rough one.  Both Jason and I had to stay on the kids more so than usual, we think everyone was just tired and adjusting to the constant togetherness.  But as a positive, Ava has been finally, finally learning to play on her own and be content without being at my side.  This has been a phase of hers...a lloooonnngg one, 10 months or so. So you can imagine my grin as I listened on the other side of her bedroom wall as she talked to her big teddy bear (named mama) giving "motherly" instruction to her smaller bear.  My grin slowly faded as I heard her explain our family dynamic:

"Mama is always mad at sumptin'.....Daddy's always crabby....And I'm? I'm always in TROUBLE"

With the weekend we just had, I think she was spot on, with all three of us :)

Then I got two calls in a row from Jason while I was on a teleconference.  I called him back right away, as I knew something must have happend for him to call like that.

Turns out Ava (the potty-trainer in training) ended up pooping her pants while her dad was in the shower.  Ava also knows that nobody likes a kid with poop in her pants, so she came up with an ingenious plan.
Step 1: Take off all of your clothes, including your Pull-Up
Step 2: Find a near by cup, and work diligently packing said cup with poop from Pull-Up listed in previous Step.
Step 3: Carry your cup which runith over upstairs, and deposit your poop in the potty.
Step 4: Proudly rap on the shower glass with your poo covered hands (and belly, knees, and arms) telling your dad that you put poop in the potty and request your potty treat.

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