"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Papa Chiz

Happy 51st to a great man...
51 things that I will always associate with my Dad
1. early 90's flip phones...I thought his cell was sooo bad ass.
2. s'more poptarts...eating them in the car every morning when drove me to school. Loved that time together.
3. wisdom.
4. Tony Danza.
5. 'You are my sunshine' 
6. comb over/politician hair.
7. shuffling slipper steps.
8. 'Pippin'
9. "that was AMAZING/AWesome/WONderful"
10. whiskers.
11. the perfect listener.
12. Directing music.
13. Red sweatpants and dress shirts...tucked into underwear :)
14. 'The JERK'
15. strong hands.
16. wine.
17. our shared love of the season Fall.
18. choppy laughter, body rocking back and forth, hands gesturing as he delivers a point he knows most people were going to be pissed at.
19. "It is what it is."
20. Babbitt.
21. Jerry Lewis.
22. "bing, bang, bung."
23. 'Private Benjamin'
24. 'going on a treasure hunt...'
25. Fire & Rain...well, any Jimmy T song actually.
26. 'Jigaboo stew'
27. made up words.
28. wagging his finger at your food..."you finished? I'll try a bite."
29. "I had a burp, but it went away."
30. legacy.
31. hockey.
32. "madder than hornets!"
33. escalating laughter with one exploding suddenly while he claps and tears roll from his eyes...ha ha ha HA ha ha....HA!...ahh...
34. 'moderation'.
35. "At the end of the day..."
36. plaid button down shirts.
37. vacations.
38. "And- Have a great day."
39. good food...he's the first person you want to share it with.
40. angry side eyes, lips pursed when people talk at Cory's shows.
41. business/preacher voice.
42. true confidence - not prideful, but sure.
43. playing guitar and singing me to sleep.
44. 'oops! Didn't see you there...' as he pinches the back of your arm. 
45. the dreamy gaze into the distance, head cocked, legs crossed, hands folded across his knees listening to music.
46. founding father/ Lewis & Clark biographies
47. dancing on his feet.
48. Oswald Chambers.
49. "so, your boyfriend came to talk to me today..." ruining the engagement surprise aspect :)
50. song association game with any word mentioned.
51. papa pride.


  1. Happy Birthday Uncle Andy!

    Great post Tara.

  2. ummmm I LOLed eighty times while reading this:)

  3. Love this post! Can you tell I'm trying to catch up on my blogs? This makes me think so much about the things I associate with my dad...although I have to admit they aren't the same as yours.