"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Friday, September 17, 2010


Here is a tale of love, woe, and hopefully redemption. This is the story of Owen and Olivia. Owen and Olivia have been dreaming of getting married since they were 3. Everything’s all set; Owen has even picked out all of our outfits to wear to the ceremony. This love has stood the sands of time, lasting over the separation of an entire summer.

Shortly after his beloved Olivia came back to school, Owen received an invitation in the mail…it was for Olivia’s birthday party. Owen cannot even stand this…he has literally checked on his invitation every day, just to make sure that it’s still there. When I asked him what he wanted to get her for her birthday his reply?

Owen: “I’d really like to buy her flowers.”

Me: “Flowers?”

Owen: “Yes…pink flowers…oh! And some orange ones, she likes to color with orange at school.”

Me: “Do you want to buy her real flowers, or pretend flowers she can play with for a long time?”

Owen: “I think real flowers are a lot prettier, don’t you?”

Me: “Well done, son. “

Owen: “I was also thinking about getting her a ‘my little pony’ because that was on her invitation, so she must like those too. But I was also thinking that she would like a necklace…”

Everything was going along wonderfully, until one day Olivia was sitting sadly in the sandbox. A teacher approached her and asked what was wrong. Olivia replies, “Owen won’t play with me.” The teacher reassured her that Owen would play with her later, but Olivia wasn’t buying it.

She marched across the playground and found Mr. Owen playing with his guy buddies. “Owen, if you don’t play with me, I’m NOT going to marry you!!”

Owen proceeds to break down in sobs and run to his teacher. “Ms. Ann, did you hear that? Olivia’s not going to marry me!” Ms. Ann explained to Owen that sometimes people say something when they are angry that they don’t really mean, and that it would all work out. She also said to Owen, “You know the really good news? At four, you don’t have to decide who you are going to marry…”

Owen looked up at her with tear filled eyes and exclaimed:

“But I have made my decision…my heart has made its choice!”

The next morning Olivia who has naturally beautiful spiral curls had her hair straightened and of course, how could she not, she looked adorable. Ms. Ann told me that when she had come into class that day and Ann had complimented her on her hair she replied “Owen’s not even going to recognize me!”
And so it begins…you find the one you love…and try like mad to make them think you’re not crazy for them.

Her birthday party is tomorrow…hopefully this lover’s quarrel will have a happy ending.


  1. your parents filled me in on this story over the weekend. i'm not sure i've heard anything so cute! can't wait to hear how the party went.