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Monday, August 16, 2010

Current Whimsy

I have a current whimsy... are you ready for it??... a tattoo. I really didn't have anything against them before, I just could never think of anything that I would want permanently on my body...

But then, I saw these footprints.  I also think it would be cool with fingerprints:
Or also love the kid's drawing one:

Or this one is just cool because Ava means little bird:
Now, I could never get one where it would always show (I'm too uptight for that) and every place I could cover it up is hideous (think small of your back, hipbone. eh. I can't continue).  That leaves me with on the back of my neck that I could cover up with my hair, so only show it when I wanted to.  Also, with my hair being thick, I could even have it in a low ponytail, and people wouldn't necessarily see it. 

Don't worry mom if you are reading this, like most things I want to do (like eat right and exercise) I never quite get around to it...but those of you that have tattoos should get one like this so I can look at it :)

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