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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Ruff"-Housing...2 yr old Semantics by Lindy Adams...

I thought that Owen held the title of one-uping me....turns out, Ava's a contender.

Ava loves playing with our dog Layla. Just loves it - - she loves to pretend she's a puppy and rolls all over Layla snuggling and covering her with kisses...and, since it's Ava, sometimes she gets a little too aggressive like jumping on Layla's back.

So was the scene last night. Ava was playing puppy with Layla saying "Ruff! Ruff!" and following her around, well, when Layla was trying to quit the game, Ava turned more aggressive, trying to jump on her back, so I said:

"Ava, stop playing rough with Layla!"

That stinker pauses, looks at me, then smiles. She turns around, jumps right back on Layla saying:

"Bark! Bark!"

1 comment:

  1. ha! amazing.
    i have to send you the pictures of ava and my friend ami... i'll never forget her walking into the sun room. so confident. she is gonna steal all sorts of shows...