"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Friday, July 23, 2010


              by John Christian

With Owen’s birthday tomorrow, I have been reflecting in what an amazing person he is.

If you have spent any time with Owen, you will know that he is not like most other little boys. He’s sensitive, and sees the world in such a different way, and yet with such maturity it is almost scary. For instance: I was upset while back, and was trying not to cry in the car with the kids…no big deal, just one of those days. Owen at first was not aware I was upset, but then, he figured it out.

He asks, “Mom, are you upset?”

I tried my hardest to blow it off, showing him a wary smile and assuring him I was just fine.

Owen: “You’ve told me not to lie about how I am feeling, are you doing that now?”

Me: “You are right, I guess I’m just having a bad day today, nothing to do with you bud, I’ll be just fine.” At this point, I’m crying not because I am sad, but because his sensitivity to see how I was feeling. I turn back around so he can’t see me…

Owen: “Are you crying? Mom, pull over and look at me. There is nothing we can’t talk through and face together. “

~~~ And with a son like Owen, I’m pretty sure he’s right. ~~~


  1. the sweetest...
    i don't get to be around him very often, but every time i do, i am sort of astonished. his little "chucky-from-the-rugrats" voice, his serious and quite insightful comments, his shyness and silliness and his little, old-soul eyes... i hope i get to watch him grow all the way up. seeing him with little olivia... oh man... he is exaclty the friend i wished for when i was little. i just love him.

    and i really loved his birthday party.