"We're all just walking each other home." - - Ram Dass

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Interview with a Four Year Old by Lindy Adams...
What is your name: Owen

How old are you: 4

How much do you weigh: 6 pounds

How tall are you: 6 feet 5 hands

What is your favorite thing to do: Help my mom with ice cubes

What is your super power: I’m really fast… I mean SUPER fast

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Chicken fries and some pickles

Favorite number: 1

Favorite animal: Cows

Least favorite thing mom makes you do: My mom tries to give me some sugar – that I don’t like

What do you dream about? About bikes

What do you like most about your sister: She makes me happy from being so smart

If one wish could come true for you, what would it be: A teddy bear, because I love them

What makes you laugh: Making silly faces

Who will you marry: Olivia, Rosie, Emme, and Laurie

How much money do you have: $6.00

Are you happy: Yup

*Mom, this is all the words I want to say*


  1. That is so awesome:) Owen is such a creative child. You are truly blessed. I will let Rosie know we need to start shopping for a wedding dress.

  2. Wait, Tate...I think he said he was going to marry Emme...