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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pioneer Days

I have currently been obsessed with listening to songs which remind me of the pioneer days where uncertainty, death, and new beginnings were a part of each day. This means I've been listening to a lot of simplistic bluegrass type stuff and I'm loving it. I might possibly be weird for having this be for me one of the most romantic periods of history... I know that it was tremendously rough, and scary but I feel that during times like this you cling to simplistic pleasures and dreams for the future. The simplistic beauty of this time is also an absolute favorite of mine. This was what I wanted for my wedding even, beauty in the earth around you, the least possible man made beauty, but decorating with wildflowers, clover, sun and wind: love it.

I also think it is horribly romantic how death was handled in this period. It became unfortunately common, mourned, but accepted. They were simplistic to their views regarding it and their handling of it. With no doctors around, they would embrace the departing, holding them on their lap, soothing them with songs as that was free and comforting. With them they would have only traveled with a bible and hymnal so they were equipped with fear and reverence of a God that had lead them to this unknown land and they gave themselves to this God. I would love nothing more than a simple pine coffin in the woods marked with a stone at my head. (stupid laws don't allow things like that now, but you get it).

Here are two songs that express to me the beauty of this period. They are YouTube videos, but the videos themselves are not worth watching, just listen to the songs.

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  1. Alison Krauss is my favorite! I have a ton of her stuff if you want to borrow it. That's the only concert I'd request to go to if Cory ever sang with her.