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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ava Lynn Pohlkotte

My Fierce Beauty is turning two. Of all the dreams you have for your children, I just dream that the world will be big enough to hold her. In honor of my girl, I am posting the prayer I made for her dedication. She is truly a wonderful spirit: full of fire, beauty and grace.
My little

I touch your feet that you will stand against injustice and cruelty,

And that you will follow where God leads.

I touch your hands that you will spread kindness to all creatures,

And you will reach to extend God’s mercy.

I touch your ears that you will hear the cries of others,

And that you will listen to the will of our Father.

I touch your eyes that you will see beauty in the world around you,

And set your gaze on heaven above.

I touch your head that you will seek true wisdom,

And diligently study God’s word.

I touch your heart that you may give and receive love to those who surround you,

And that you will always know and desire Christ’s everlasting love.

We dedicate your whole being to God your Maker who gave you to us.

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  1. Nina and Papa loves that beautiful little girl. And the beautiful big girl that gave birth to her! Blessings on blessings on blessings!

    Love Big Dad (Papa)